Web 2.0 And Local Business Listings

There has been a lot of change in the web these days with Web 2.0, blogs, and more! With the rise of smart phones and triangulation the internet is becoming ever more so important to your business.
Business listings introduced only in the last year or two mean convenience for customers, but not necessarily businesses. With over 200 directories (around 25 mainstream) including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Verizon and others people can leave reviews for businesses, get crucial business information and more.

Our firm has developed its exclusive technology for listings which starts by gathering your full business details. We then use our software to plug in the information by hand optimization to each of these major firms. We also have partnered with several companies to publish your details to the sites that do allow for automation. Hand optimization is required by most of the major companies including Google, Yahoo, etc. For the fact that each directory ranks categories, keywords, and other information differently.

Our business listing product is the most comprehensive one on the internet. We are different because not only do we publish your content in all the directories we also optimize it for exposure.

Visit our Local Business Listings Page for more information.

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