Web 2.0 and Reviews

With technology making information so accessible people look up businesses using phones, gps and Internet. Because of this it introduced a new concept that businesses must pay Careful attention to which is reviews. Reviews allow new and existing customers to locate your business and tell others about their experience.

Most business listing agencies are setup to benefit Consumers now for look businesses online through computers, GPS, and mobile devices since they can provide quick and reliable up-to-date information about a business, including directions and reviews of what past clients’ experiences are with that company. (It is the business owner’s responsibility to keep the information current!)

We create a local focused web site for you with a review module customers in turn leave their comments on The site. All reviews are then sent to the business to inform them how they are doing, we then take positive reviews and publish them to major directories for you. Each review is hand checked before submission to verify it is a good review and then it is submitted anonymously to several directories. Throughout published seo articles and experiment we have found that reviews increase ranking and listing performance and is a key cornerstone of local business marketing.

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