About Global Results Online

Global Results Online has developed services that increase your business visibility online. When a business hires a typical SEO company the goal is to create / change the web site with the intent of gaining traffic through search engine optimization.

One of the many serious flaws in this logic is that with all the competition in the Market today necessitates being as precise as possible.  Any deviation from one target means the web site and business listings is less relevant and thus not displayed as high in the search results.  Where our product excels is in being extremely precise on which target terms is desired, and then building separate Target Sites for each other Target Term.

Two birds with one stone is a nice concept but rarely ever successful!

We help business lower costs through well-defined landing sites using search engine optimization, adjustments to their marketing campaigns and increasing their exposure with various SEO and Pay Per Click Methodologies.

For over 16 years we have continued to create technologies for the market. Our new line of technology include:

SEO and local search engine optimization, search engine marketing, landing pages and local sites, reputation management, review syndication, online business management control panel, and much more!

We are excited to partner with your business!
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