Business Listing and Local Control Panel

Business Management Panel

Business Control PanelOne place to view up to the minute traffic stats, real time reputations management, inquiries, and much more!


Why do you need a business control panel? This was the question we asked when originally diving into this area of business. We have lots of great products, but needed a way for our client’s to be able to get the data they needed and quickly. We set out to build just that!

From years of feedback from our clients we have continued to develop and engineer a control panel that would bring online business to the next level. Our goal with the control panel is to give the business the business a comprehensive set of tools to help manage and run their online presence.


What Makes Our Business Panel Unique?

  • It is important to know how your web site and marketing is doing. The first tool that we implemented is real time statistics in a usable form to see who is coming to your site, terms that are being used, how long they are on the site and much more!
  • For performance based clients and those that use tracking we implemented real time inquiry tracking. This tool gives you valuable insight on call volume including calls received, missed, call recording, unique calls, history and much more. This data gives you and us valuable insight to increase and see return on investment.
  • View business listings and your business’s reputation in real time across numerous networks. Other companies can provide a limited version of this ability. We plug in to over 10 various networks including Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yelp to name a few!
  • Add Reviews in real time! This allows you to plug reviews into your micro sites while also seeing past feedback from clients in one place.
  • View and Update Business Information in Real Time. For those who have listings know that pushing new information to a variety of various directories can take a lot of time. This is where we can help! With real time updates your just one step away from pushing your new information to multiple directories!

Coming soon!

  • CSS5 and responsive theme technology that will allow you to view your business panel on the fly with desktop, tablet and mobile device support!
  • More control – Partners and clients will have more control over features and functionality in the control panel.
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