Online Reputation and Review Management

Studies done on reviews show that this is critical to not only your marketing but your business health as well. With more and more consumers looking at reviews on a day-to-day basis it is important that your business stay on top of the different directories with good quality reviews, and that negative items that could impact your business are resolved.

Ways we help with your online reputation and reviews:

Local SEO Sites:

  • We syndicate your reviews by first scraping all the reviews throughout the internet and reviews that you have accumulated in written form from past clients. These reviews then push to Google, your business listing, and your local landing pages. This will in the future be able to feed in with Bing and Yahoo as well.
  • Depending on what services we are providing for your firm we give the ability for past clients to leave reviews right on the micro sites. One of the services we provide is directing their searches to these sites it can then be very easy for client’s to leave positive and negative reviews and feedback with being less likely of becoming public if it is a damaging review for the business.
  • Unlike Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp or the many other directories. You are in control of your reviews with the local SEO sites.
  • Many directories will never remove negative reviews, and can be exceptionally damaging to a business by costing new and potential customers, as well as existing customer’s business.

Review Management:

  • Negative reviews can get in major directories relatively easily. It is becoming quick for customer to leave reviews on many of the numerous directories. Because of this a business must know at all times what is going on around the web with their locations.
  • We offer two methods of assistance with review management. 1st – our business management control panel gives direct access to many of the top business directories in real time to allow you to monitor your business directory reviews all from one place.
  • Secondly, we can help with reviews that are negative and get on the directories for you. We do this by getting positive reviews from your past clients either from other directories or from your business. We then can help in many cases push these reviews to these search engines.

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