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  • Hand Optimized Listings that are accurate and complete assuring that customers can find your business.
  • Help customers locate you through the internet, GPS, and cell phone devices.
  • We connect your business listings together to increase your online presence.

Why Us For Local Marketing?

There are some companies claiming to do local marketing for businesses. They offer things such as listing you with numerous local directories. This means they will push your information to one possible vendor with basic information (Business Name, Address, Phone and Web Site). Get the facts about your competition because their product is very limited and basic in comparison!

Local marketing has become a big trend. So what is the difference between us and other firms offering these marketing solutions?

This has been a business focus for over four years which has allowed us to study the market extensively and put together a team of SEO professionals, as well as exclusive local marketing software that is not an automated application but instead assists our local marketing staff to create across the board optimized listings for your firm.

Here are Some Ways in How Were Different with Business Listings:

  • Local SEO Specialist works with your firm to gather information, and create a completely optimized profile for your business. This includes gathering around 30 different facts about your company including photos to be used with your business listings.
  • We then handle local marketing search volume report to find quality keywords and get traffic trends for focus phrases.
  • Next are Search Engine Optimization expert will create by hand certain listings with directories requiring phone verification to be listed with their directories.
  • Directories are linked together to further optimize and build the reputation of your company.
  • Social media networks are integrated with many of the listings.
  • We also submit to large partners which transfer standard business information to numerous other business directories.
  • Our technologies have been created over many years and certain techniques and technology are exclusive to our firm.
  • Track your listings and monitor your business submissions using your own business feed account. This allows you to modify, add, or change your listings as well as get feedback from many of the various local marketing firms.
  • Real-Time Status Manager – See your company’s listings progress using our reports!
  • Our monthly services help keep your business showing up in the search engines by using a variety of exclusive technologies.

What Our Client’s Have to Say:

– Thanks to the listings we now show up much higher, and people can find us!
Ali N.

– People need the services we provide and needed someone local. With the listings, they were able to find our company quickly.
Ione B.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you did for me on my web presence. I have had many customers tell me they found me at the top of the first page.
Chad K.

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